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Business Takeaways from Cosmoprof Bologna 2012

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

When they say that this is the biggest beauty trade fair in the world I can now see why.  I felt like I was at the Olympics.  You definitely must have a map or you can easily get lost (and possibly run over).  To see beauty companies from around the world show their products, equipment and supplies was a dream come true.  Our booth was part of the new California Pavilion, and a first for the state.

Here is what I learned that all business owners can benefit from:


Look up at your ceiling, in the corners, everywhere in your spa or salon.  Creating a “special” atmosphere for your clients is of utmost importance.  I think we can all improve on this after seeing what reminded me of a “diorama” many booths created.  From painted ceilings and floors, many of these brands used EVERY BIT OF SPACE to give the visitor an intense feeling of their brand, and drew us in to be part of the “experience”.

  1. Smile and be generous.  I have to give the prize to Moroccan Oil!  They not only handed out the best, most amazing vinyl aqua bags with a few     samples, (I think I heard they handed out at least 20,000 – maybe per day?), they gave you a few extra if you wanted, and they happily did so, even if you came back every day.  Of course, that was costly, but great marketing and now the we in the beauty world will soon become addicted to putting Moroccan Oil in our hair.
  2. Add color.  Of course that is what we have done with Control Corrective and I might add, received quite a bit of compliments about our packaging.  But whether you add color in your spa decor, your menu, POS materials, seasonal displays, do so thoughtfully and with impact so it draws your clients in to say, “oh, what’s that?”, “I don’t remember that from last time”.  “I need some of that…”
  3. Lastly, ask good questions and travel.  We learned as much from attendees, as we did from fellow exhibitors and neighbors.  I learned for example that in Russia, the demand for American made products is very high, and that Italy has a “Woman’s Day” every March 8th,  that honors all women in the country and on that day you bring all your female loved-ones Mimosa flowers (beautiful yellow flowers – very delicate).

Hope this puts a little fire under you to get out and do something different to help you grow and be successful.  Visit us in Las Vegas this June at IECSC if you need a good excuse to go to a trade show and keep learning.



Increase Your Sales with Smart Sampling

Friday, June 24th, 2011

With our new Control Corrective Skincare Systems rebranding launch, we invested in great samples.  They are multi-dose, good looking and use 93% less plastic than similar sized bottles/tubes.  Happily we give them away whenever possible to very appreciative customers. (more…)

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