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Your Skin While You Sleep

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

We’ve all heard the age-old adage “get your beauty sleep,” but most people don’t realize just how crucial catching Z’s is to achieving a healthy, beautiful complexion.

Your skin doesn’t just sit there as you snore; on the contrary, it’s uber-productive, renewing and repairing skin cells at a speed much swifter than that of the waking hours. Freed from its daytime duties of fending off aggressors such as UV exposure and pollutants, it can focus on providing essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin, removing toxins and regenerating cells at a record pace.

But just because your skin shows superhero-like stamina while you sleep, that doesn’t mean you’re cleared from a nighttime skincare regimen. In fact, your before-bed ritual becomes even more important because of skin’s nocturnal abilities.

Make the most of your eight hours by bringing these skincare tips to bed every night:

Never fall asleep with your “face” on. Your skin shouldn’t have to be “on guard” while you sleep. If you choose to snooze in full makeup, that’s exactly what it will have to do, as free radicals from daytime exposure will cling to unclean skin. The result? A breakdown of collagen (hello wrinkles and premature aging), not to mention bacteria-clogged pores (hello breakouts). And yes, even mascara counts. Lashes can become brittle and fall out if you repeatedly sleep with makeup on, so rely on Control Corrective’s Soothing Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover to ensure a completely clean slate.

Turn up product intensity before your turn down. Since nighttime is where the magic happens for your skin, now is the time to get the most out of your skincare products. Turn to your intensive lineup, such as anti-aging serums, hydrating oils and acne-fighting creams, since they have skin’s undivided attention and the best chance of performing, well – their best. These products are also typically sun-sensitive, due to ingredients like Retinol and AHAs, so the dark sleeping hours are when they can shine.

Differentiate from your a.m. routine with beneficial add-ons. While daytime and nighttime skincare regimens can be similar – both typically incorporate cleansing, toning and moisturizing components based on skin type (see recommended skincare regimens by skin type here) – you get to skip the SPF step at night, leaving room for some beneficial add-ons. Try incorporating your favorite Control Corrective mask twice a week and/or a serum. The Sulfur Calming Mask also works great as an overnight spot treatment, and Retinol C Serum helps support the cell growth process during sleep while also keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. And unless you have oily skin, feel free to swap out your daytime moisturizer for a thicker, more luxurious night cream, such as our Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream.

Wash when you wake. After following a healthy p.m. skincare regimen, your skin will likely wake up feeling fresh and renewed. However, all the reparative work skin put in in the last eight hours will have left behind secreted toxins and sebum (oil). This can prevent your daytime products from working effectively, so be sure to start each day with a freshly washed face.

Skincare. Sleep. Skincare. Repeat.

What skincare products do you add to your regimen at night?

Skincare Treatments vs Cosmetic Surgery

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Our culture’s endless quest to maintain a youthful appearance can be stressful, expensive, sometimes dangerous, and according to a current study, early onset.

As detailed in a recent Skin Inc. article, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported that 58% of members saw an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectables in those under age 30 last year. Even more, according to the same survey, 61% of facelifts were performed on patients age 35–60.

Whether this younger demographic of youth-seekers is motivated by workforce competition, the media, or a combination of factors, one thing is certain:

Your client demographic for anti-aging skincare products and treatments is growing.

As a salon owner or esthetician, it’s important to provide clients a viable alternative to going under the knife by offering an array of less-invasive professional skincare options that still offer dramatic anti-aging results.

Consider the following when consulting with a client who’s weighing out youth maintenance options:

Cosmetic surgery can be risky and time-consuming.

While cosmetic surgery procedures are constantly evolving to better maintain the safety of patients, anytime you’re on the operating table, serious risks are involved. A bad reaction to general anesthesia can cause respiratory failure, hematomas, blood clots and other serious conditions. Additionally, recovery can be time-consuming and painful. In contrast, an anti-aging skincare regimen as directed by an esthetician should cause little discomfort and requires nearly no down time, aside from certain deep peels, which can require up to a week’s time of recovery – still considerably shorter than that of a facelift!

A collagen-boosting skincare regimen can start in your 20’s.

Typically, we start to lose collagen in our 30s, so incorporating a plumping cream into a daily skincare regimen at this time – or even earlier – can help fill in fine lines and make skin more supple. Control’s Collagen Eye Defense, a hydrating formula packed with lipids, botanicals and antioxidants, is great place to start. Additionally, using products with peptides, such as Control’s Anti-Aging Lotion with Peptides, actually promote collagen production, which will help skin age well and appear more youthful.

Regular, professional facials can effectively firm, lift and tighten – without scars and side effects.  

If a client is considering the financial commitment of cosmetic surgery, chances are they can budget for a monthly hydrating facial, which is recommended as part of an active anti-aging skincare regimen. They should first consult an esthetician so that their skin can be analyzed and an appropriate treatment plan and at-home care regimen can be recommended. Control offers three extremely effective anti-aging facials: The Hydrating Cream Peel Facial; Lighten Up, Tighten Up; and the Dermal Flash Treatment.

What you put inside your body is reflected on the outside.

Both cosmetic procedures and anti-aging skincare treatments won’t offer optimal results if you don’t make conscious, healthy choices for your body. Naturally glowing, youthful skin starts with a colorful diet of lots of fruits and veggies and at least eight glasses of water per day (more if you drink coffee or alcohol!). And don’t smoke – it’s estimated that smokers look an average of nearly one and half years older than non-smokers.


How do you convince customers to choose professional skincare over surgery?

Dangers of DIY Treatments

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

At some point, we’ve all done it. Globbed Colgate on zits, run mayo through our hair or concocted a “witch’s brew” of pantry ingredients for a makeshift facial mask.

Women pull out all the stops in their quest for beauty, so when a friend’s cousin’s grandmother’s aunt says kitty litter is a no-fail exfoliant, you better believe we just have to try it.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) beauty lore has been around forever, and the Internet and social media now make it that much easier to access so-called affordable and effective at-home recipes promising to smooth and plump skin, reduce wrinkles and more.

But before you mix that raw egg and oatmeal and make breakfast on your face, beauty chasers beware: Skincare is not a guessing game, and any at-home treatments or products not developed by a skincare professional can actually do incredible damage to your complexion.

Remember that the “trusted skincare resource” you found on Facebook could in fact be a 13-year-old girl, and the beauty “super foods” she’s touting are not necessarily safe for at-home formulation.

Consider the following before dabbling in DIY:

Perform a patch test. Before experimenting on skin, you should ideally see an esthetician for a complete skin analysis and customized recommendations for an appropriate at-home care treatment. If you choose to forego this preemptive step, at least perform a patch test by putting a small amount of whatever concoction you’ve come up with behind the ear on the neck. This is especially important for those with existing skin conditions such as acne or aging.

Sweet isn’t always skin-friendly. Papaya skin creams, pineapple enzyme cleansers and sugar scrubs line supermarket beauty sections, so you could easily assume these sweet additives are fine for at-home use. However, these ingredients must be formulated for skin and are not necessarily safe in their natural state. If left on too long, natural acids found in citrus fruits can actually cause burns and irritation, while raw sugars and oatmeal can scratch skin.

You aren’t a celebrity. Almost every week, a gorgeous A-lister makes a broad statement about her “simple” skincare routine: olive oil as an allover moisturizer, coconut oil for the face and hair, and so on. While some of these ingredients can indeed be beneficial, before you get greasy, get cautious. Olive oil straight from the cabinet, for example, has not been formulated for the skin and its molecules are therefore too large to be effectively absorbed. Freshness can also pose an issue. Remember that the rich and famous have access to the crème de la crème of beauty treatments and skin specialists, so your skin and hers may not start out the same playing field.

Got milk? If you do choose to DIY, gravitate toward recipes that incorporate milk. Not only does it contain lactic acid, an anti-aging essential, but it’s also soothing to skin and shouldn’t cause adverse reactions. Swabbing skin with a milk-soaked towel or actually taking a milk bath can be both relaxing and beneficial. Word on the street is Cleopatra used milk baths to keep skin supple and youthful.

Professional skincare for your skin type is the best recipe. Sure, at-home skin remedies can seem more affordable, but they’re often not worth the risk. Instead, adopt a professional skincare regimen that is specifically formulated for your skin type, and has been tested for quality and safety. Whether your skin is sensitive, sun-damaged, aging or acne-prone, Control Corrective has a line of effective, fool-proof products.

As a teenager or an adult, what was the craziest DIY beauty treatment you tried?

Skincare Strategies for the Working Mom

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Being a mom is a full time, important job, and can be even more difficult as many re-enter or continue in the traditional workforce.  According to data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 59% of women now work or are actively seeking employment. An even higher percentage of women with children ages 17 or younger (66%) work either full or part time. Working women are stuck between house chores, work schedules and taking care of the kids, and can find it difficult to squeeze in time for a daily skin care regimen. For such women, a simple and effective skincare system is essential!

Share with your wee ones

Have your little ones help with your beauty routine.  Children as small as four years old can be taught to help with every day beauty tasks. Share a face mask with your kids, let them apply it on your face and make it a fun beauty ritual you can do together. Or you can apply the mask before your child’s bath time so your mask can work while you are.

Recommended Product: Balancing Thermogel Mask. Offers up deep concentrated hydration at its most soothing and nourishing.

Restore Nightly

You may not be getting 8 hours of sleep a night due to a busy schedule but you can still maintain the health of your complexion each night.  Your skin is rejuvenating itself while you sleep, so nighttime is an ideal time to apply more intensive moisturizers. Simply taking a few minutes to cleanse and hydrate your skin before you hit the pillow will help restore your skin overnight—and you’ll wake up looking refreshed.

Recommended Products:  Anti Wrinkle Face and Neck Cream. This cream can be used as a face, neck, eye and chest cream.  It can be applied quickly, which is a perfect solution for someone with limited time.

Don’t leave home without it

Always carry a bottle of sunscreen with you in your purse. Sunscreen will be your best protection from sun damaged and aging skin, so we recommend using it every day and reapply as needed. You may not think you are getting much sun if you work in office or at home, and may not see the need for sunscreen application, but it is crucial. Sun damage is cumulative and you need to think about all the daily activities you do which can cause damage through sun exposure.  Walking to your car, driving (think about that left arm hanging out of the window!), taking your dog for a walk, and even getting the mail, are all necessary daily routines but result in cumulative exposure to the sun. If you have a sunscreen handy, you can reapply through the day.

Recommended Products: Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 30.  Offers broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection without leaving a greasy film. Contains aloe vera and antioxidants to help soothe and balance the skin.

Get Back to the Basics

Your skincare regimen does not need to be a complicated, multistep process. Using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer each morning and night that is suited for your skin type will help maintain skin health.  Sometimes simple is better (and quicker)!

5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Many women love escaping for a day at the spa, although it may be an indulgence reserved for special occasions.  What spa goers often do not realize is that they can still experience the same tranquility and relaxed feeling at home if they take a little bit of time and focus on it.   Below are several tips for transforming your bathroom into a spa oasis and help you feel some of the pampering that you get from a relaxing facial or massage.
Clean Up
A messy or dirty bathroom can feel cramped; not a place you want to spend much time in. Clean up the clutter of toiletries to a minimum. Stash cosmetics and other products in the medicine cabinet, under the sink or in the linen closet to avoid looking at clutter. Are you overdue?  How about getting new bathroom shelving liners, rearrange product, discard dated beauty products, paint your bathroom, have scented candles or, improve lighting?
Comfort and Joy
Invest in soft 100% cotton towels and a comfy terry robe that is soft on your skin for that spa-like feeling.  Remember to always launder your towels and robe in hypoallergenic, fragrance free detergent with no dryer sheets, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Ambiance is Everything

Aromatherapy candles, soft music, and lighting adjustments (to dim) are all ways to help you forget your daily stresses and set a relaxing mood.
Apply a Mask
Take the time weekly to use a facial mask.  Our Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask will gently exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten the complexion.  Masks are great to put on while in the bath, or left on the skin 5-10 minutes either before or after your shower.  After removing hydrate well with your favorite control corrective serum of choice and moisturizer.
Be Natural

Natural elements are wonderful to create the spa experience at home. Softly running water and living plants help create a calming connection with nature. Bring a potted plant into your bathroom-they often thrive in the bath thanks to the high levels of moisture and humidity in the air.
Lastly, book “me time”, so you indeed do take the time-out to rejuvenate, relax and replenish yourself whether at the spa or at home. Pamper yourself and your friends and soon your family will thank you.

At-Home Glow Holiday Facial

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

While nothing replaces a great facial from your esthetician, many people get busy with social commitments, or due to budget constraints, cannot get a facial as often as desired.  So what can you do at home?  We recommend the following facial protocol that you can do bi -monthly to keep your skin smoothed, refreshed and brighter for the holidays.  Great to have nice music, playing and creating a relaxing environment for yourself:


Step 1:  Cleanse withGentle Facial Wash or Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk.

Step 2:  Do a second cleanse with the Cucumber Bead Cleanser.

Step 3:  Put Chamomile Tea Bags in a steamy hot pot, and steam your skin for 3-5 minutes (towel over the head to hold in the steam if desired).  This softens the skin.

Step4: Apply 1/2 teaspoon of our Skin Nourishing Balm and massage skin for 3 minutes to increase circulation and soften the skin.  After, tissue off excess.

Step 5: Apply Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask with fan brush or fingers.  If eye puffiness or redness is a concern, saturate two cotton rounds with our Soothing Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover  rest on your eyes while the mask is on your face.    Leave on ten minutes, then rinse and remove with gentle washcloth.

Step 6: Apply Firming Tri Peptide Serum or Crystal C Serum and massage into the skin.

Step 7: Finish facial with application of Collagen Eye Defense and Ceramide Daily Cream to the face and declote’.

Step 8: Apply your favorite makeup and you will shine!

Don’t underestimate the power of topical antioxidants

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Daily applications of antioxidant-rich products benefit the skin in many ways.  Topically applied antioxidants have been clinically shown to reduce the damage from harmful UV rays.  UV radiation is a known cause of hyperpigmentation, skin cancer and aging to the skin and if you think you can focus only on exfoliation, you will not create “healthy” skin.  Antioxidants must be a part of your home care regimen.

According to Jennifer Linder, MD “Of the three types of UV rays, mid-range, UVB and long-wave UVA rays are widely known to be the chief causes of premature photo aging, immune dysfunction and certain skin cancers”.

Essentially, the sun’s rays cause an “overproduction” of reactive oxygen free radicals which leads to “oxidative stress in the skin” and actually can damage DNA and cellular proteins.  While free radicals have beneficial properties, when the skin is exposed to high amounts of UV rays, so common in our outdoor lifestyles, damage occurs and eventually we “see it” on our own face and body.  It can manifest in the way of wrinkles, dryness, dark spots, and increased overall skin sensitivities.

This is where antioxidants come to the rescue.  Many antioxidants have shown an ability to decrease and reverse the damage.  Several clinically studied antioxidants that prove to have chemo protective benefits include green tea, Vitamin E, reservatrol (found in grapes, peanuts, berries, and cocoa), ergothioneine (found in mushrooms, and other plants), coffeeberry (from derived from the unripe coffea arabica plant), silybin (found in milk thistle), and L-ascorbic acid, (vitamin C) which also provides the photo protective, anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesis properties much needed in aging skin.

The Control Corrective line incorporates a cocktail of antioxidants because they are so vital to skin health and prevention.  From our antioxidant rich serums and day creams to our skin-specific sun protection creams, you can be assured that your skin is defending itself against the inevitable evolution of skin aging and the side effects

Control Corrective Products high in Antioxidants:


Choosing the best form of Vitamin C for topical application makes the difference.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Our highly effective products with Stay C 50 include: Crystal C Serum, Retinol C, and Vitamin C Brightening Mask.  Stay C 50, a bio-available form of Vitamin C is clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging, from fine lines and wrinkles, to discoloration and roughness.  It is well known that Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is key to the production of collagen which aids in giving the skin its firmness and strength. Vitamin C helps slow the rate of free radical damage and in some cases, reverses DNA damage.  Research suggests that Vitamin C may also reduce sunburn caused by exposure to ultraviolet B radiation and prevent the consequences of long-term sun exposure, which can lead to premature signs of aging.

For more information on Stay C 50 and how it works in the skin, email marketing@controlcorrective.com.

Extractions on a first time client

Friday, July 29th, 2011

There are a variety of ways to extract open/closed comedones and pustules.  It takes practice and tools that are effective in reducing any trauma to the surrounding skin tissue.  During our recent clinical study, I was performing our 02 Clear Facial on an acne-prone adult woman (32 years of age); with a typical combination of both open/closed comedones and a few papules.  She has made the commitment to a 6 week treatment series and products. 

She was a classic hormonal acne woman with redness and congestion.  As I began working with her, it reminded me of a message I share with esthetic students when teaching:  Take it easy with extractions.  When first beginning an esthetic career, there is a tendency to be either overzealous with the extractor or afraid of performing extractions all together.  When the client goes home with effective products, much of the acne clears up on it’s own over several weeks.  So, while extraction methods are very important and whether you use a comedone extractor, cotton tip applicators, or your fingers and tissue, your goal is to help remove the excess oil and sebum without causing additional infammation to the skin.  Here are a few tips to help in this effort:

  • Extractions are easiest when the skin is still moist.  So, shortly before the steam is turned off, apply a small amount of our Skin Nourishing Balm or 02 PRO Boosterand massage into the congested areas.  You can occlude with plastic wrap if desired.  Perform extractions around the face, then come back to this area, tissue off the excess balm or oxygen cream and you will find extractions are much, much easier.


  • Apply cold after extractions.  The skin will naturally get red and/or inflamed if lots of extractions are performed.  The client’s skin also may become warm.  When the skin is inflamed the client is more at risk for prolonged redness or hyperpigmentation.  This is the ideal time to use cold stones, beauty globes or simply aloe ice for 30 seconds.  The client’s skin calms down and it is greatly appreciated by the client.


  • Apply Clear Med 5% or 02 Med after extractions or at the end of the facial on acneic areas.  Provided you know that your client is not allergic to benzoyl peroxide (which most people are not), apply a very small amount of either product on the areas you performed extractions, wait a minute or so for the treatment product to penetrate, perform high frequency if desired, then apply your usual moisturizer and/or sunscreen.  This will help ensure that your client will not breakout after the facial and aid in clearing.

Should you need any additional help with your clients, feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime.

The Right Spa for You!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Have you ever heard the term “There is not enough hours in the day”?  I think I have said it myself more times than I would like. With more and more women trying to balance having a family and a full time job, it can be a struggle to find time for yourself which is so important to your overall health.  When you do finally get some “me time” the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to decide where to go to relax so we have provided questions to ask yourself before booking your next spa visit.  (more…)

Our skincare experts are available to help with all your skincare questions or concerns. Drop us an email or send a note to our customer service representatives.
When is the last time you received a professional facial from an esthetician?