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Ironing out the facts about chest wrinkles

Monday, April 14th, 2014

No one likes them, but most women over 40 have them- wrinkles and lines on your chest and neck. It’s a common symbol of aging and one that most people wish would disappear. What you might not know, is that even simple things like your sleep position and lifestyle factors may be causing those wrinkles.

Aging causes skin to become thinner and dryer and proteins and collagen start to deteriorate. This along with gravity and lifestyle factors all contribute to those unsightly wrinkles. Even if you done everything right to protect your skin- applied sunscreen vigilantly, kept your skin moisturized you are still susceptible to wrinkles.

This may be one time you are happy to have small breasts. Large breasts can contribute to these wrinkles, especially if you sleep on your side. If you have large breasts sleeping on your side causes your breasts to be pushed together, therefore helping those wrinkles develop. The best sleep position to prevent deep wrinkles is on your back. Your choice of bra might be contributing as well. Bras that push breasts together (such as push up bras) also can aid in the formation of the wrinkles.

If you spent a lot of time in the sun during your younger years, you will likely see those wrinkles are even more noticeable. Over-exposure to the sun is one of the leading causes of wrinkles. Smoking and alcohol are also big contributors. Control Corrective offers several products to reduce the look of chest wrinkles while helping to prevent the formation of more. Firming Tri-Peptide Serum is a super smoothing and collagen-stimulating serum helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating your neck and chest can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Smoothing Repair Gel helps to minimize signs of aging and leave skin vibrant and glowing.

Most importantly make sure you use sunscreen daily. Even cloudy days still leave skin exposed to harmful UVA rays. Combing a good moisturizer with the anti-wrinkle serums will prevent any future damage. For more products that help fight wrinkles visit

Skincare Travel Tips

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

As the first signs of spring emerge, so start the fantasies of escaping to a sunny destination for spring break or summer vacation.

A glorious getaway can be rejuvenating for body and soul, but travel – especially to a sunny locale – can leave skin in a precarious place.

Before you get on that plane to paradise, make sure you’ve packed the proper skincare essentials to keep skin protected from the dehydrating and damaging effects of recycled air, swim time, sunburn – and one too many Margaritas.

Take note of the following travel tips to ensure your complexion cruises smoothly through spring break or summer vacation:

Beware recycled air. While your final vacation destination may be Hawaii or Mexico, you might not realize your skin will experience the likes of Death Valley on the plane ride there. Airplanes are a hydration zapper, as in-cabin relative humidity is similar to desert air. Prepare skin pre-flight with Control’s Hydrant Stabilizer, which enables skin to hold on to crucial moisture, and keep a moisturizing mister like Control Balancing Tonic in your carryon for on-the-spot hydration. Opt for water from the drink cart rather than soda or alcohol, and while they may be the last of the airplane “freebies,” pass on salty snack mixes.

Save suitcase room for skincare. If you’re headed to a sunny spot, you’ll likely have plenty of suitcase room amidst swimsuits and cover-ups, so there’s no excuse for scrimping on your regular skincare regimen. That said, no one wants to pack bottles upon bottles of product, so fill travel-size containers with core products – cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen – or invest in convenient, airline carryon-size- approved products from your favorite professional line, like Control Starter Kits. Many moisturizers now come with an SPF, which can also save suitcase space.

Have hotel soap backups. Don’t assume that hotel skincare products will suit your needs, especially if you have sensitivities. While some high-end resorts offer recognizable brands or professional lines from their in-house spa, most provide private-label mysteries. Always investigate ingredients, and avoid parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfate and alcohol. Fragrance is the biggest allergen in skincare products, so stick to fragrance-free formulas or those scented with essential oils or fruit extracts.

Moisturize, swim, repeat. Whether your days will be spent at the pool or the ocean, be aware that both chlorine and salt water will deplete skin’s natural hydration. Try to rinse off post-plunge, and follow with a reapplication of waterproof moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s easy to escape routine while on vacation, but don’t slack on your morning and before-bed moisturizing to maintain healthy hydration levels.

Set a sunscreen reminder. To avoid sunburn and sun damage, reapply sunscreen often. Set a smartphone sunscreen reminder every two to three hours, and don’t forget those oft-forgotten spots like the scalp, the back of the knees and tops of the feet. Should you suffer a sunburn, apply soothing Aloe Vera and moisturize often. Avoid picking peeling skin, and minimize itching by applying a cool cloth soaked in water or milk on affected areas. A cool shower can also help, but be sure to pat skin dry, as rubbing can cause more peeling and additional irritation.

Safe travels, friends!

Helping your Teen Deal with Acne

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

You had acne growing up, and now you are sadden to see your teenager seems to have inherited the same unsightly gene.  Dealing with acne isn’t fun at any age. Even mild acne can affect self-esteem and self-confidence.   I used to think acne was something that I would “grow out of.”  Unfortunately, now pushing 40, I realize that it’s not going away.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, by mid-teens, more than 40% of adolescents have acne requiring medical treatment and acne affects between 40 and 50 million Americans.  For teenagers, who are already dealing with issues of self-image and puberty, having acne can be especially harmful.

“Wash your face, honey.”  I find myself sounding like a broken record. Like preschoolers who hate taking baths, teens seem to hate washing their face.  So when your teen comes home in tears because they were too embarrassed to stand up in front of the class, how can you help?

Be supportive:  Don’t downplay the impact acne may be having on your teen.  Remind them that they are not alone and that there are many treatments that can improve their complexion.  Understand that what you may see as a couple of pimples can be devastating to the self-esteem of a teen.

Encourage Healthy Habits:  Make face washing a daily habit.  There are many good cleansers than can help improve skin.  Exfoliating cleansers help eliminate acne-causing impurities and prepare the skin for topical treatments.    Topical treatments, including those with glycolic and salicylic acid help unclog pores and eliminate excess oil.   Sulfur masks used weekly can dramatically improve skin.  For moms with daughters- make it fun!  Once a week pretend you are having a ‘spa day’ and do sulfur masks together while painting your nails! 

Help Build Self-Esteem:  Teens with severe acne are more susceptible to depression than those without acne, according to the ADA.  Be aware of signs like social isolation, mood changes, or loss of interest in activities.  Make sure your teens know that it is not their fault, and there are treatments that will help. 

For parents, creating habits of face-washing should start early.  Parents can set a good example of making face washing a regular part of their daily routine.  Washing bed sheets weekly can also help to rid of any excess bacteria that may contribute to acne.  Make sure you never exacerbate the issue by pointing out blemishes or making fun.  Some parents try to “lighten up” the subject by joking-unfortunately this offers no support to a struggling teen.

Don’t forget that acne is not limited to the face.  Many teens experience body acne which causes anxiety about changing in the locker room after gym, wearing tank tops in the summer and even participating in sports.  Encouraging and supporting your teen through these times will help keep them involved in activities they enjoy and increase self-esteem.



Dangers of DIY Treatments

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

At some point, we’ve all done it. Globbed Colgate on zits, run mayo through our hair or concocted a “witch’s brew” of pantry ingredients for a makeshift facial mask.

Women pull out all the stops in their quest for beauty, so when a friend’s cousin’s grandmother’s aunt says kitty litter is a no-fail exfoliant, you better believe we just have to try it.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) beauty lore has been around forever, and the Internet and social media now make it that much easier to access so-called affordable and effective at-home recipes promising to smooth and plump skin, reduce wrinkles and more.

But before you mix that raw egg and oatmeal and make breakfast on your face, beauty chasers beware: Skincare is not a guessing game, and any at-home treatments or products not developed by a skincare professional can actually do incredible damage to your complexion.

Remember that the “trusted skincare resource” you found on Facebook could in fact be a 13-year-old girl, and the beauty “super foods” she’s touting are not necessarily safe for at-home formulation.

Consider the following before dabbling in DIY:

Perform a patch test. Before experimenting on skin, you should ideally see an esthetician for a complete skin analysis and customized recommendations for an appropriate at-home care treatment. If you choose to forego this preemptive step, at least perform a patch test by putting a small amount of whatever concoction you’ve come up with behind the ear on the neck. This is especially important for those with existing skin conditions such as acne or aging.

Sweet isn’t always skin-friendly. Papaya skin creams, pineapple enzyme cleansers and sugar scrubs line supermarket beauty sections, so you could easily assume these sweet additives are fine for at-home use. However, these ingredients must be formulated for skin and are not necessarily safe in their natural state. If left on too long, natural acids found in citrus fruits can actually cause burns and irritation, while raw sugars and oatmeal can scratch skin.

You aren’t a celebrity. Almost every week, a gorgeous A-lister makes a broad statement about her “simple” skincare routine: olive oil as an allover moisturizer, coconut oil for the face and hair, and so on. While some of these ingredients can indeed be beneficial, before you get greasy, get cautious. Olive oil straight from the cabinet, for example, has not been formulated for the skin and its molecules are therefore too large to be effectively absorbed. Freshness can also pose an issue. Remember that the rich and famous have access to the crème de la crème of beauty treatments and skin specialists, so your skin and hers may not start out the same playing field.

Got milk? If you do choose to DIY, gravitate toward recipes that incorporate milk. Not only does it contain lactic acid, an anti-aging essential, but it’s also soothing to skin and shouldn’t cause adverse reactions. Swabbing skin with a milk-soaked towel or actually taking a milk bath can be both relaxing and beneficial. Word on the street is Cleopatra used milk baths to keep skin supple and youthful.

Professional skincare for your skin type is the best recipe. Sure, at-home skin remedies can seem more affordable, but they’re often not worth the risk. Instead, adopt a professional skincare regimen that is specifically formulated for your skin type, and has been tested for quality and safety. Whether your skin is sensitive, sun-damaged, aging or acne-prone, Control Corrective has a line of effective, fool-proof products.

As a teenager or an adult, what was the craziest DIY beauty treatment you tried?

Tips for Valentine’s Day Skin

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

It’s no secret Valentine’s Day is pretty much the cornerstone of “Hallmark holidays,” but that’s not to say the majority of us aren’t currently planning (or praying for) a date night out with someone special. That said, if Cupid decides to point an arrow your direction this February, make sure your skin is date-night-ready by following these few simple tips:

Make a date with a hydrating mask. Glowing skin is always a good look, so plan a regular date with a moisturizing mask like Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask in the weeks leading up to your big night out. This gentle, hydrating “vacation in a jar” will help renew skin texture and retain the moisture needed for a supple, youthful appearance. Even more, the soothing and relaxing regimen may help calm first date jitters and keep unexpected breakouts at bay. Apply several times a week, as necessary, to keep the glow going.

Follow facial protocol. Don’t wait until date night eve to schedule a facial, as steam, extractions and peels can cause unwanted – and unexpected – irritation, breakouts and other unsightly skin reactions. To be on the safe side, schedule two weeks in advance, and follow up the treatment with a consistent skincare regimen.

Breakup with breakouts. Having a crop of pimples pop up right before a big date is par for the course, as stress and hormones are pros at skin sabotage. Don’t panic! Immediately start a spot treatment such as Acne Spot Treatment once or twice a day. This mighty blemish buster made with antiseptic witch hazel, calming aloe vera and glycolic and salicylic acids sizzles and dissolves acne quickly. Follow your spot application at night with an oil absorbing mask, such as  Sulfur Calming Mask.

Kiss off salt and alcohol. Try to steer clear of the chips and spirits, as both are serious dehydrators that not only keep skin from looking fresh and plump, but can also cause puffiness, redness and irritation. Instead, focus on a high water intake or water-rich fruits and veggies for a healthy, vibrant appearance.

Big hugs and kisses from Control Corrective this Valentine’s Day!

Tell us, what do you have planned for February 14th?

Botanical Soothing Cream Review by Nancy Lee

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Introduced to me by Lindsey Guest, Founder and CEO of BeautyARMY, this treatment has saved my skin! I suffer Rosacea and adult acne so even when I’m not going through a break-out spell I have red cheeks. With Botanical Soothing Cream, I only need a tiny amount and I am able to enjoy all day redness relief.

I find it’s more like a balm, I put a pea-sized amount on my fingers, rub it between my hands to emulsify it for an easier application and I press it into my cheeks, chin and the sides of my nose. I am a firm believer of pressing, not rubbing, your skincare.  I use an upward almost rocking motion.

I only apply Botanical Soothing Cream where I suffer Rosacea because to me, this is more of a treatment, applying it all over is a waste. I use a different SPF for the rest of my face.  It has a bit of that ‘sunscreen’ scent but I find it does not linger. I wait 2 minutes for the Cream to fully absorb and then I apply the rest of my facial makeup as usual. I haven’t run into any issues with my pressed powder foundation – no caking, discolouration or sliding off due to this product! My makeup stays fresh and my skin stays comfortable.

Skincare Strategies for the Working Mom

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Being a mom is a full time, important job, and can be even more difficult as many re-enter or continue in the traditional workforce.  According to data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 59% of women now work or are actively seeking employment. An even higher percentage of women with children ages 17 or younger (66%) work either full or part time. Working women are stuck between house chores, work schedules and taking care of the kids, and can find it difficult to squeeze in time for a daily skin care regimen. For such women, a simple and effective skincare system is essential!

Share with your wee ones

Have your little ones help with your beauty routine.  Children as small as four years old can be taught to help with every day beauty tasks. Share a face mask with your kids, let them apply it on your face and make it a fun beauty ritual you can do together. Or you can apply the mask before your child’s bath time so your mask can work while you are.

Recommended Product: Balancing Thermogel Mask. Offers up deep concentrated hydration at its most soothing and nourishing.

Restore Nightly

You may not be getting 8 hours of sleep a night due to a busy schedule but you can still maintain the health of your complexion each night.  Your skin is rejuvenating itself while you sleep, so nighttime is an ideal time to apply more intensive moisturizers. Simply taking a few minutes to cleanse and hydrate your skin before you hit the pillow will help restore your skin overnight—and you’ll wake up looking refreshed.

Recommended Products:  Anti Wrinkle Face and Neck Cream. This cream can be used as a face, neck, eye and chest cream.  It can be applied quickly, which is a perfect solution for someone with limited time.

Don’t leave home without it

Always carry a bottle of sunscreen with you in your purse. Sunscreen will be your best protection from sun damaged and aging skin, so we recommend using it every day and reapply as needed. You may not think you are getting much sun if you work in office or at home, and may not see the need for sunscreen application, but it is crucial. Sun damage is cumulative and you need to think about all the daily activities you do which can cause damage through sun exposure.  Walking to your car, driving (think about that left arm hanging out of the window!), taking your dog for a walk, and even getting the mail, are all necessary daily routines but result in cumulative exposure to the sun. If you have a sunscreen handy, you can reapply through the day.

Recommended Products: Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 30.  Offers broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection without leaving a greasy film. Contains aloe vera and antioxidants to help soothe and balance the skin.

Get Back to the Basics

Your skincare regimen does not need to be a complicated, multistep process. Using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer each morning and night that is suited for your skin type will help maintain skin health.  Sometimes simple is better (and quicker)!

Spa Hospitality

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Arrived last night in Charlotte, NC.  Nothing beats Southern hospitality!  Having dinner with our new rep group, I was so appreciative that they had me to their home for a fabulous dinner (amazing carpaccio on a beautiful, frozen pink salt slab that looked like an art piece for starters).

While we all “engage” our customers via social media, and hear about Facebook’s staggering billion dollar IPO, nothing beats face to face contact in business.  Social media will never replace personal interaction and kindness.  Social media will never replace a clean work space, a welcome smile, the aroma of good cooking, essential oils at the spa or a great meal with associates.

How does this equate to you the spa owner or entrepreneur?  Even while growing your business and customer loyalty via social media, continue to ask yourself how you can create “southern hospitality” to your business.  As we all know, “the devil is in the details” Never underestimate these few tips below that, whether you know it outright or not, endear yourself to your valued customers:

Maintain a very clean retail area.

  • Merchandise the inventory on the shelf so it makes customers want to look at it.
  • Provide a mirror so if a customer can try something on or can see.
  • Have a magnifying glass to read the ingredients on your products.
  • Offer something to drink
  • Hire and train knowledgeable front desk person(s), who even if she/he is on the phone, knows to friendly acknowledge customers and can help push retail sales by educating customers about your spa products.
  • Place nice aromatic diffuser or light candles, so when a customer enters your spa, they feel like they are being transported and can start to relax.
  • Train your estheticians to remember to limit their personal life stories when working with a customer, and monitor this.
  • Always have clean, fresh reading material in the lobby (not year old People Magazines).

At the end of the day, your business is like a home and it should make customers feel relaxed and comfortable.  It reflects your philosophy and communicates your values whether you know it or not.


Not Just a Pretty Face

Monday, May 14th, 2012

When the word ‘skincare” comes up, many people think about skincare for the face but many people suffer from skin conditions on the body as well. Many of the products in the Control Corrective line offer multiple skin benefits that make your beauty care regimen fully functional.

Skin Nourishing Balm – This emollient, aromatic balm is the ultimate healer!  Place the balm in your hands and rub until it melts like butter. This can be used all over the body including skincare for all over the body. knees and elbows to relieve dry itchy skin. Also, try rubbing some on your upper chest before you go to bed and breathe in the aromatic essential oils as you drift off into your beauty sleep.

Calming Balm- After you get your eyebrows or lips waxed, the skin can be red and irritated. Apply this soothing facial moisturizing gel to help calm and hydrate the skin. Keep cold in the refrigerator and use as needed.

Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask – It may be called a mask but that does not mean you can’t use it on other areas of the body. This creamy, clay mask doubles as a skin polisher and brightener.  In addition to your face, this mask is also great for dry hands and arms.

Anti Wrinkle Face and Neck Cream – This is an all in one wrinkle fighter. The benefit of this multifaceted cream is itcan be used as an eye cream, face cream, neck cream and declote’ cream. Great for those of you that just wants one cream for everything and don’t have time for several steps in the morning and/or evening.

Cucumber Bead Cleanser – Cleanse with cucumbers all over the body. Works well as a luxurious body polish or as a facial pre-shave. Use this aromatic exfoliating cleanser in your shower for a spa-like experience from head to toe.


Share how Control Corrective Skincare has helped make your beauty care regimen fully functional by leaving a comment below.

When and why to use Salicylic Wash?

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Salicylic Acid is used in many dermatologic preparations.  Found in products for acne, calluses, keratosis pilaris, and dandruff shampoo, salicylic acid works as a comedolytic and keratolytic agent helping epidermal cells shed easily, loosing up congestion and neutralizing bacteria within the pore.  Salicylic acid can be used for many different skin types.  It is capable of penetrating and breaking-down fats and lipids which makes it a great choice when working with acne-prone skin.

I have worked on many women over 35, concerned with wrinkles, but also experiencing micro-comedonal congestion, whether from hormones, cosmetics, pressure and friction or simply not using the right products.  These are the perfect clients to recommend using our Salicylic Wash 2% three to five times per week.  It is often all that is needed to gently loosen and exfoliate the skin, without over drying.

For acne-prone skin, whether oily or dry, the benefit of combining salicylic acid with glycolic acid provides a stronger keratolytic effect that is often necessary for chronic acne conditions, very oily “resistant” skin.  The key is to blend these actives in way that does not over-dry the skin.  The Control Corrective, Acne Spot Treatment, which can be used once to twice daily on the affected area, will do the trick for most.  It will not only help clear up the blemish, but will help lighten the residual dark spots.

When choosing a peel for acne prone or “rough” aging skin, our professional Beta Peel 22% is a great choice.  This creamy peel contains a strong enough percentage, but will not “over-dry” the skin.  Left on 2-3 minutes, then neutralized, it is a perfect peel for those who have built up a tolerance to AHA peels.  Keep in mind that 2% salicylic acid = 8% glycolic acid in terms of strength, so when comparing a glycolic acid peel to a salicylic acid peel, the percentages need to be converted in terms of action on the skin.

It is also important to note that salicylic acid peeling is not advised for those allergic to aspirin, while on Accutane, when using Retin-A (or retinoic acid derivatives), during pregnancy, on highly sensitive skin, sunburned skin, on clients going through treatment for auto immune disorders, chemo/radiation, or other treatments that make the skin more photo-sensitive.  Always review current medication usage with your clients so you can adjust the facial treatment to best meet their needs.  Watch a video demonstration of our Beta Clear Facial to view how to incorporate this peel into your menu.

Salicylic acid peels and products are credited with great skin improvement for many skin conditions and can be a great way to boost and improve the complexion.

A typical home care regimen for combination skin/acne prone adult:

  1. Cleanse with Salicylic Wash 2%
  2. Apply Balancing Tonic
  3. Apply Acne Spot Treatment on blemishes (1-2x daily)
  4. Apply Aroma Matte Day Cream (SPF 30)
  5. Apply Oil Free Healing Lotion at night as desired
  6. With fingers or fan brush apply Sulfur Calming Mask (as needed- left on blemishes overnight if desired)

Our skincare experts are available to help with all your skincare questions or concerns. Drop us an email or send a note to our customer service representatives.
If your skin is initially having a reaction to a facial, soak a towel in cold milk and place on the face to soothe & calm redness.