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Skin Care Review from Tiffany Miller

by Control Corrective February 10th, 2012 in Beauty Guest Bloggers, What's New

Skin care has its own isle in drugstores, rows in department stores and special websites dedicated to perfect skin. Like all of you I strive for that perfect face. As a makeup artist I am constantly looking for products for my clients, especially moisturizers. Hearing and being taught that moisturizers are the key to young healthy skin, finding that perfect potion is always a daunting task but I believe I can point you in the right direction!

I have so many bottles of creams and exfoliates taking up room under my sink. Touched once and put away. Control Corrective changes that. You don’t buy a product that promises an all in one healer. You find the product that fits your needs. Aging controls, sun damage, acne, sensitivity even deep skin treatments. With each category offering four to five products it’s easy to find what you are looking for and the people of Control Corrective are there to help.

I myself have dry patches and places of redness. Most of this happens around my nose and chin. My concerns with wrinkles are only around my eyes. Being contact lenses user, pulling and rubbing my eyes daily seems to cause some small wrinkles. I am twenty two years old and even now I can see signs of aging due to tanning earlier in life and not taking the proper care of my skin. Control Corrective sent me an assortment of samples products to test out meeting my needs. I have more favorites to tell you about.

In order of use I will start with the Cucumber Bead Cleanser. It is just the right amount of exfoliate my skin was never left feeling raw or over exfoliated. Topping that with Crystal C Serum makes skin glow feel moisturized a layer of Botanical Soothing Cream, which provides SPF of 30 and done. I really enjoyed this combo and it has helped my skin so much. I could always tell a huge difference when using this particular combination.

It’s hard to find an exfoliate that is not just a rough scrub to rid your skin of dead cells. The line between raw over done skin and fresh smooth skin is where Control Corrective did it right. The Cucumber Bead Cleanser is so gentle yet very effective. I also was very impressed with the Hydrant Stabilizer, so creamy and is the best layer of moisturizer I have found.

Control Corrective was founded by Ellen Clark in 1997, in Orange County, California. I see these as amazing skin care products for all skin types and skin issues. My only down side is those with sensitive skin may not be able to use all products due to scents in the products. Yet they offer a Sensitive Skin line, which is wonderful! I cannot wait for so many people to find out about this company and bring light to a new revolution of skin care.

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