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by Control Corrective June 20th, 2011 in General

Have you ever heard the term “There is not enough hours in the day”?  I think I have said it myself more times than I would like. With more and more women trying to balance having a family and a full time job, it can be a struggle to find time for yourself which is so important to your overall health.  When you do finally get some “me time” the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to decide where to go to relax so we have provided questions to ask yourself before booking your next spa visit. 

Do you want exercise, pampering, or a combo deal? If you are looking for a one stop shop so you can get into downward dog and also have a relaxing facial after, then check out some of your local health wellness centers as they offer exercise classes , massages, express facials, acupuncture etc.

Does the spa require you to schedule services in advance? Some spas require a credit card deposit and a booked appointment. If you are super busy and may not know when your schedule will settle down, it is best to find some day spas that offer walk ins or an option to book the same day.

What can I have done at the spa?

If you are looking for specific treatments like microdermabrasion or a glycolic peel then make sure you check out the treatment menus and also do some price comparison for the top 3 spas in your area. Not only will you get the treatment you want but you may be able to get a better price.

Do you have a personal recommendation?

Who better to ask then your friends, family or co-workers for some honest and real feedback.  Ask about how they like the spas, what treatments they offer or if they have a favorite esthetician. This may also save you time in your spa search.

Are you looking for a spa sanctuary?

A full day at the spa can feel like you took a week vacation which is something we all need to feel from time to time.  If you are looking to getaway and forget about all your day to day stress then look for a spa that offers a full service of treatments, large co-ed lounge for relaxing with friends, steam room, dry sauna and a vanity area equipped with all the amenities.

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